Monday, 9 September 2013

sweater weather

Satchel - Vintage Shop
Tartan Scarf - Primark

I'm so excited that Autumn is approaching quickly, it's my favourite season for so many reasons (that rhymed yay). There's my birthday, halloween, bonfire night, all of the local fairs, fireworks, bonfires, candyfloss, toffee apples, pumpkins, scarves, woolly hats and gloves, winter coats, onesies, hot chocolate, sitting by the fire, big cardigans, jumpers, boots, the list goes on.

This also means that it's the start of the school year, or for me, college. My essentials for this autumn so far definitely have to be this satchel I picked up in Weymouth for £24, and this tartan scarf from Primark for £4. I'm going to use the satchel as my college bag as I feel it will go with any outfit and I'd wanted one for a while. I'd also been wanting a tartan scarf since last Autumn but couldn't find any anywhere; when I saw this one in Primark I literally ran to it! So happy with these buys, and I will definitely be getting a lot of use out of both of them.

I also had a sort out of my wardrobe recently, and this is what the majority of my autumnal colours look like! (It doesn't look as tidy as that now). I'm so excited to be able to wear burgundy and black again as these are my favourite colours to wear but are definitely not summery at all. I'm so excited for all the AW13 collections as well, be expecting a blogpost on those very soon!

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