Saturday, 2 February 2013

Make-Up Review

Those of you who know me know I'm rubbish when it comes to hair and make up. I use the bare minimum, and usually leave my hair down because I'm so useless at making it look good when I put it up.

Anyway, I thought I'd do a (sort of) review as I bought a new foundation, and a powder (which I never used to use before!) and a blusher :-) so altogether it came to £15, (thanks boots 3 for 2!) which I think is pretty good!

My 'stay matte' foundation is wonderful, it matches my skin perfectly and at first I thought there wasn't much in the tube but I've realised I hardly have to use any, so hopefully it will last a while. My shade is true ivory (my skin is SO pale). It is a lot more harder to spread on my face than my last foundation, it has a harder texture and isn't as runny, but still good all the same!

My 'stay matte' powder is my favourite purchase. It makes my face less shiny, and it also keeps my foundation on for the whole day! (Before I used powder my foundation used to go SO patchy throughout the day). It is amazing and I'm so glad I brought it :-)

My 'match perfection' blusher is absolutely lovely and gives my cheeks a really nice complexion, I used to use bronzer to give myself colour but this is so so much better! I would definitely recommend it :-)

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