Monday, 4 February 2013


Dress - H+M // Leather Jacket - H+M // Doc Martens - Schuh // Clock Necklace - Primark

Just a very quick outfit of the day (because I quite liked this outfit). I wore it to film my media coursework, we threw a fake party and it included fake shots of water with food colouring, sick made from porridge, glow sticks, water guns, and strobe lights.. A lot of fun!

Anyway, I've had this dress for so long, it's cream with three quarter length sleeves and made of quite a thick material. It's good because you can wear it in summer or winter, definitely one of my best buys. I paired it with black tights, a black belt, my beautiful docs and a leather jacket. Not forgetting my Kate Moss 107 burgundy(ish) lipstick (absolute fave, would definitely recommend you buying it!) and my clock necklace. Also pair with a scarf for an even more wintery look as shown in the last photo. I liked this outfit, I hope you do too :-)

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