Friday, 5 April 2013

she's got a boyfriend anyway

I hope everyone had a lovely easter weekend, I certainly did, I spent it with my family and have now demolished the easter eggs I was given!

On Tuesday I went to Birmingham, and I thought I'd share what I bought from there (I'm so poor now you wouldn't believe). I couldn't resist Forever 21, in fact it's the only place I bought things from! I got this lovely cream chiffon dress which I thought would be beautiful for summer, I wore it to a party the other night so there's a photo of me in it too. I was in love with so much in the shop but I didn't have enough money for anything else! The jewellery in there is just irresistible as well, and every single thing is about £3!? So I bought a necklace, two beautiful sets of earrings and some rings, you can see them on the photo as well :-) overall it was a lovely day, and I'm definitely visiting forever 21 again when I have more money!