Sunday, 30 June 2013

my trip to manchester

So I visited the University of Manchester last week, the University was incredible and the buildings were so pretty, the courses I want to do? Not so good. Ah well, it was a lovely day out! I guess this post is more of a mini haul than anything else. I couldn't resist going into Primark there (yet again) it was HUUUUGE. So many nice things, and I ended up spending all of my wages again... Ooooops. Anyway, the spotty shirt was £10 which is just ridiculous really how could I not get it? It fits so nicely and I don't own many things with polka dots on so I had to get it, right? The sandals were £12 and I really needed some for summer and I LOVE these! The buckle detail is so cool! The sunglasses match the shirt ok.. And this yellow dress, don't even get me started. I saw it from a distance whilst coming up the escalator and literally ran to it (no exaggeration). It was a bit more than I usually spend at £22 but still such a bargain for such a beautiful dress? Again the polka dots are so pretty, and the lace collar makes it look really cute and vintage. It can be worn with heels out or with sandals to dress it down, I just love it! Overall it was a lovely day and I'm so happy with the things I bought!

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  1. Ahh seriously love the colour of your dress!
    Saadiya x