Monday, 19 August 2013


Over the past few weeks/months I've picked up quite a few bits and bobs, and so I thought I'd show you a few of my favourites. Firstly I picked up the sleek 'face form' palette from superdrug for £9.99. I'd heard a lot of things about this, and was desperate to try out contouring properly, and this kit is perfect for that! It comes with a contour strip, highlighting and a blusher, and they're all really good, definitely worth the money. If you're like me (an amateur when it comes to make up) and are trying out contouring for the first time I would definitely recommend this kit, it even comes with instructions on the packet on how to contour! (Or you could use youtube like I did). In addition to this I also thought I'd try out two MUA lipsticks, also from Superdrug. At £1 each, you can't really go wrong, and wow. They. Are. INCREDIBLE. Since buying these two I've gone back and purchased three more. Five lipsticks for the same price as one from Rimmel? Amazing! They're really nourishing and creamy, as well as being highly pigmented, and they also stay on for quite a while. Definitely check them out! I'm planning on buying their eye shadow palette next.

Next onto clothes. This shirt from New Look I thought would be perfect for summer (and I was right!), it was amazing wearing this to the festivals I went to, I felt so bohemian and festival like! It goes with pretty much anything and you can wear it casually or properly out. I adore it! And jewellery from Primark is always a must for me just because of the ridiculous prices!

The third picture shows my most recent purchases, on results day I went a little overboard, to treat myself (I got two A's, a B and a C, A's in history and media which I was over the moon about!) the dresses are both from Primark and are £8 each. They're absolutely gorgeous prints and fit really well. I just had to get both! I'd also been lusting after some lace underwear for weeks and when I saw this set in Primark for £5 I couldn't resist! After Ellie ( got these shoes and did a blog post on them I couldn't stop thinking about buying them, but was put off by them being £32 (from Topshop). I decided to finally splurge using 10% student discount as my excuse, but I'm in love! I think they'd look perfect in summer with frilly socks and a skirt or lovely with tights in winter too, and I'm always wearing skirts so thought I'd get a lot of use out of them! Definitely worth the money, I'll do an outfit post on them soon.

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