Tuesday, 15 October 2013

18th birthday

Dress - Miss Selfridge

So it was my 18th birthday yesterday, and I honestly had the most incredible day ever, was absolutely spoilt by my wonderful family and had such a good time celebrating with my friends. Last Saturday I had a vintage tea party with all my friends, as you can see in the first photo, it was absolutely adorable and my mum put so much effort into it, my auntie made us some amazing cupcakes and there was so much food, it was absolutely lovely. The next day I went out for a huge family meal, there was 26 of us altogether, and it was really nice to see everyone. Then yesterday on my birthday I went to college and then went out for cocktails in the afternoon for my first legal drink (I actually forgot to take my ID with me, silly me, but it didn't matter) and in the evening my grandparents came round for dinner.

It's been so busy so far and I'm so sad it's over so quickly, but the celebrations haven't finished yet. I'm going out on Thursday for the first time (legally) and then on Friday I'm going to LONDOOOOON. Expect a blog post soonish! I'm so excited as I've never really been properly and my cousin is taking me to Chelsea as well! 

I've been absolutely spoilt, my mum knows me so well, her and my stepdad got me my gorgeous Marc Jacobs watch, as well as the naked palette and real techniques brushes!!! My sisters got me they're real mascara from Benefit and a gorgeous playsuit for London. Overall from my family I received over £1000, so I was pretty lucky!! I've had the best birthday ever and am so appreciative to everyone who made it so memorable!

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