Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Shirt - Zara
Jumpsuit - Topshop
Blazer - Republic
Fur - Primark
Cut Out Boots - Primark
Rose Gold Watch - Marc Jacobs

Another Autumnnal outfit post for you all, aren't you lucky? When it gets colder all I ever seem to wear is monochrome, and sometimes burgundy, my colour spectrum isn't very wide. Anyway, I bought this jumpsuit for when I went to London, and I wore it when we went out. I've worn it out a few times since then, but it's also so versatile - here I've paired it with a shirt underneath and heeled boots, whereas if I was going out I'd just wear the jumpsuit and heels. I feel like it's a very timeless piece which won't really go out of fashion, so it's definitely worth the money. Usually I hate spending £45 on something from Topshop, but I will get a lot of wear out of this, and student discount makes everything better, right? They still sell it, I've linked it above, and they have a cream version too (I was so close to getting that instead but I knew I'd constantly get it dirty).

This fur piece from Primark is another one of my favourite recent purchases, it actually looks like a part of the blazer - fooled you for a second! This blazer is actually from the men's part of Republic so I feel like this fur gives it a bit of femininity, and is also quite fashionable at the moment. I love putting it on top of any coat to make it feel a bit more classy, they had other colours as well including burgundy (which my Mum bought after I got this one so now we have two) and they also do pink! What's your favourite colour to wear in Autumn? 

Happy blogging!

Harley x

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