Wednesday, 15 January 2014

golden bronze smokey eye

If you want to know how to make your eyes look like this, then just carry on reading.

I like to moisturise first, and then go straight in with your foundation. I'm currently using the NO7 Stay Perfect Foundation which is really good, and I blend that in with the Real Techniques buffing brush. Next, concealer, and I use the collection 2000 lasting perfection (which is the concealer everyone raves about) and I blend that in with the Real Techniques contouring brush.

Then I go straight onto the eyes, I use the naked2 palette for the start of this but I've also included my MUA palette as it's a much cheaper alternative (it's only £4!) and I love it too! Firstly I make a base by smearing 'tease' from naked2 all over the eye, I then put 'half-baked' on top, all over the lid, the second shade in on the naked palette. I then go onto my MUA palette, and use the fourth colour in; 'fiery', for the outer corners of my eyes and then I blend that altogether using the naked2 brush. Pretty quick and simple, when I want more definition I use the darker brown colours on the outer corners too.

Alternatively: if you don't own naked2, use the MUA palette shade 'devotion' (second one in) all over the lid, then use 'fiery' again for definition on the outer corners. I also use the first and third shades as highlighters under the browbone! This palette is such a good alternative to naked2, the neutral colours are super easy to use, so definitely buy it if you haven't already!

Then go in with your eyeliner, the one I use is the Primark felt tip liner, but it's so good and easy to use, only £1.50 as well! Then mascara, 'they're real' by Benefit is my absolute favourite but just use whichever is yours. Then on to eyebrows - I don't do a lot to mine, I use this pencil from Rimmel to shape them and brush them into shape.

Lastly, blusher and contouring. I use this sleek palette (which is amazing) and my Real Techniques contour brush.

Voila! The finished look!
Hope you enjoyed and can try and recreate it, if you do then tweet me a picture @omgharlz, or tag me on instagram! @harlzzwild

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  1. This looks lovely Harley! xox