Thursday, 23 January 2014

what's in my bag?

A standard blogger post which I've never actually attempted, would you believe it? Anyway, what's in my bag? This is the bag I'm currently using, it's from Accessorize and £37 I believe, I only bought it recently but I love it so much, it reminds me of the big one from Zara everyone seems to have (but I could never afford).

  1. Firstly of course it's my purse, this one's from River Island, my sister's boyfriend kindly got it for me for my birthday, I think it looks super chic, I love it!
  2. Then there's my card holder, which is from Cath Kidston, this holds all sorts of things; my college bus pass, my mango, my college card, my nus, my provisional, super handy!
  3. Train ticket from London because I keep all of my train tickets...
  4. My keys because obviously. My keyring is so cute, my Nana got it me for my birthday.
  5. Then we come onto the beauty bits, there's my soap and glory mist spray which I carry around with me so I can have a quick spritz, yano, when the moment comes.
  6. Soap and glory hand cream because no one wants dry hands in the day, especially in Winter, come on now.
  7. Any lip products I'm carrying around with me that day, at the moment it's Kate Moss 107 and 19 (two of my favourites) oh and obviously can't forget the Carmex, just like dry hands no one wants dry lips in the Winter!
  8. Then there's my watch so I know the time obviously. I'm normally wearing this anyway to be fair but I thought I'd include it ok??
  9. Sunglasses because you never know what the weather will be like in Britain. Will it rain? Will it be sunny? Who knows, I don't, better to be safe.
  10. Finally, whatever it is I'm reading, at the moment I switch between this magazine, Alexa Chung It, and Wuthering Heights (yawn A Levels)
And that's what I carry around with me day to day, woo! Hope you enjoyed :) let me know what you use that's similar! 

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