Tuesday, 4 February 2014

♡ valentines day, get ready with me ♡

So, even though I don't have a boyfriend, I figured a lot of people that read my blog probably do and so thought I'd do not only a Valentines Day make up tutorial, but also hair and outfit. These are just a few ideas for if you're going out with your boyfriend, and probably what I would look like if I was going out with one, and even if you're single like me you can still try them out! Above is all the products I used, so let's get started!

Firstly, I used Estee Lauder's double wear foundation, and blended this in with the Real Techniques buffing brush. This foundation has the best coverage I've experienced, and so I used this because I wanted a flawless finish. Then of course I used the Collection concealer with the Real Techniques contour brush.

Now onto the trickiest (but the best) part, the eyes and eyebrows. As you can see, I used a colour tattoo by Maybelline in pink gold and my naked 3 palette. First, I swiped pink gold all over the lid, and then went straight in with the palette, putting nooner in my crease and on the outer corners to create definition. I then went over the top with buzz, and then applied dust (the lightest and most shimmery pink shade) wet over the top to create shimmer. I used strange as an eyebrow highlight, and then used blackheart (the darkest colour) to create even more definition on the outer corners. Phew. Then I used my Topshop magic liner to create a winged line (kinda), then They're Real mascara of course, and the Along Came Betty brow kit with my w7 angled brush (a lot cheaper than Mac's 266), also I got this kit for £1.50 from Tesco when I'm sure it should be more than that! And that's eye's done!

Then for the rest of my face I used the Sleek face form kit to contour and blush with my contouring Real Techniques brush. I also used the Along Came Betty highlighter (also £1.50 from Tesco, get on down!). Then lips too, this lipstick is from natural collection, I don't actually know the name but it's a gorgeous colour!

And here's the finished Valentines make up look! (Yes I'm in my pyjamas, they're from Primark and are SO comfy)

Next, onto hair. I thought I'd go for curls as they're super girly and always look good with any outfit I think. I didn't do anything too complex, I brushed through my hair first and then curled my hair with these straighteners and just brushed through the curls because I think they look better like that, and then spritzed some hairspray all over and voila!

Finally, outfit. Wearing something pink or red is an absolute must for me, have to look girly on Valentines Day and look irresistible! Haha, if I was going out on a night out I'd usually wear this playsuit on it's own, but wearing a shirt underneath creates an element of sophistication which I think is needed when going out for a posh meal (which is what I imagine some of you could be doing). This playsuit is from Topshop and the shirt from H&M a while ago, the collar just gives the outfit something else.

Don't forget to pair your outfit with your favourite blazer and bag, as well as other accessories and of course a lovely perfume to make you smell delicious!

The finished look! I hope you enjoyed reading and maybe got a bit of inspiration for whatever you're doing on Valentines Day! Let me know in the comments what your plans are or what your favourite part of the GRWM was! And of course if you want to see more posts like this then let me know! 
Lots of love 

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