Tuesday, 3 June 2014

egg and banana pancakes

This is literally the simplest recipe in the world, and if I can make it then I swear anyone can because I am the worst person at cooking I know. Most of you will have probably heard of these, but I only discovered them the other day and tested them out, and they're amazing! Healthy pancakes made of only egg and banana so they're wheat and dairy free which is insane. So if you want to know how to make these then keep on reading!

All you need:
2 eggs
1 banana
raspberries (or whatever topping you prefer)

So I initially planned on taking photos as I went along but I didn't realise how difficult it would be to multi-task, as the pancakes cook pretty quickly! So I'm going to try and describe to you how to make them instead.

1. Crack two eggs into a bowl and whisk
2. On a separate plate, peel a banana and mush it up using a fork
3. When the banana is of a good consistency (not completely smooth) add it to the eggs
4. Whisk that all together to your desired consistency, and then I added a dollop of honey and also a little bit of cinnamon, this made the pancakes a darker colour but up to you
5. Then you put some oil/ fry lite/ butter into a pan to make sure the pancakes don't stick
6. And literally put the mix into the pan a bit at a time as if you were making pancakes
7. When you can lift the pancake up at the side you know it's ready to flip over (I really wasn't any good at that part)
8. Then you just continue doing that until all the batter is used up
9. Then serve by squeezing honey onto the pancakes, as well as raspberries and some more cinnamon on top. 

See, I told you they were easy! And they were so so tasty as well. I know the honey and oil used in the pan aren't necessarily very good for you, but the rest of the ingredients are pretty good, and they're about as healthy as pancakes get!

And there we are, the finished product! 
I hope you enjoyed this different kind of post, and if you do try these out yourself then take a picture and make sure to tag me on instagram (harlzzwild) or on twitter (omgharlz)

Lots of love xxxxx


  1. pancakes look amazing will defiantly have to try them sometime.

  2. I love pancakes, nice and simple and great to take photography :P I hope to try this soon, with raspberries!