Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Two piece - New Look
Lipstick - Kate Moss 30
Mules - Primark

I saw this two piece in New Look last week and I wanted it so badly but I'm not meant to be spending any more money before I go to University (in two days eeeek), but I just couldn't resist once I saw whatoliviadid wearing the skirt! I think these pieces are really classical and dogtooth is always in fashion, I'm so glad that two pieces are making it into the winter because I just couldn't get enough of them in summer! I love how versatile they are and can't wait to try out different outfits with these pieces. This lipstick is quickly becoming one of my favourite's for autumn, it's a lovely purply shade but also not too drastic. I really love these shoes too and think they look so classy but they just hurt my feet so much! Primark have bought out some more with a smaller heel which I feel like I need but don't want two pairs of the same shoe, see my dilemma?! Blogger probz.


  1. i agree with you. i think the outfit is classic, and timeless. gorgeous dress! also, good luck in going back to University! ^^)

    xoxo, rae

  2. Love the two pice, had something like this on my wish list for a while now.