Friday, 21 November 2014


Jumper - New Look
Skirt - Matalan
Bag - Accessorize
Shoes - Boohoo
Scarf - Primark
Jacket - Fashion Union
Coat - H&M

As some of you will know (if you read my last blogpost) I went to Amsterdam last weekend! So I was there this time last week *cries*. I had the best time ever. Like, ever ever ever. It was so much better than I even expected (and trust me I was expecting it to be good). We went by coach which took about 14 hours, which was so long but also clearly so worth it. We left on Thursday night at 9pm and arrived at about 2 on Friday afternoon. We visited the Anne Frank house first at about 3, I absolutely loved it, it was a bit emotional in parts, seeing the actual bookcase they kept in front of the door was upsetting, but I'm so glad we went. Then we all went out for a meal, and that night we visited the red light district and went on a pub crawl. The red light district was weird, but definitely something I'm glad I've seen.

The Saturday was our only proper full day there, we had breakfast in the hostel, and then headed out into Amsterdam. We went to a few cafes and then we visited the sex museum (which was pretty strange), after that we walked around for a bit longer and just explored the city, although it did rain for the majority of the time we were there, we had a quick walk around vondel park as well. We came back to the hostel and bought some dinner, and then got ready for the second pub crawl which was so much fun! So many free drinks and shots, I loved it! 

We then had to leave at 9 the next morning (which was a struggle) to go on the 14 hour journey home. Overall, I honestly had the best time ever, I made some amazing friends over the weekend and we all had such a laugh together, I can't remember the last time I laughed so much in a weekend! We all had so many inside jokes and I'm so glad I went. I would definitely visit Amsterdam again, it's such a beautiful city, and would probably look even prettier without the rain. If you ever get the opportunity to go, then definitely do!

Love from Harley

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