Tuesday, 11 November 2014

university, living in leeds, etc etc

I stole this idea from Ellie but I thought it would be good to tell you all about my uni experiences so far, and maybe help anyone who is unsure on whether or not they want to go to uni, or even if there's anyone who's thinking about doing similar subjects to me and needs some guidance, or thinking about going to Leeds etc etc, so be prepared for a wordy post.

So, I've been living in Leeds now for nearly two months (god that's gone quickly), and I'm loving every second of it so far. I live in University accommodation in Headingley, it's a 30 minute walk from uni, or a 10 minute bus ride which costs £1. There's a Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Superdrug, KFC, Greggs, Costa and Wilko all up the road, and an Aldi about 15 minutes walk away so I'm in a pretty good area (especially considering I'm in the cheapest accommodation). I share a bathroom with all of my flatmates, which at first I was dreading but now isn't a problem at all as it gets cleaned weekly. My room here is actually bigger than my room at home (although I am missing my double bed) and it's so good that my sisters can no longer steal my make up! (I miss them really). Everyone in my flat, and block are really really nice and I can already tell I've made friends for life in these people. I really am loving the social aspect of uni, I love that we all have pre-drinks before we go out, all of us, and play drinking games, and I especially love Leeds for it's night-life (there are so many different places to go). Not only that, there are so many places to shop and eat and drink that I haven't even ventured to yet (probably because of my student budget and the fact I'm living off 18p supernoodles from Aldi). 

That's the weirdest thing about uni, becoming independent. At home, my mum did pretty much everything for me (I know that's not the case with everyone) but it's so weird going from that to having to prepare and cook all my own meals, clean everything up after myself, wash, dry and iron all of my own clothes. Just everything. The towel you drop on the floor and pretend not to see doesn't miraculously get picked up, nor do your pots get washed, or your room hoovered or your clothes ironed. This is the aspect I think is hardest to get used to, I definitely needed this change in my life to become more independent as I think I've learnt many valuable life skills purely through moving away from home. Obviously that's not why I came to uni, but it's definitely made me realise just how much my mum did for me at home.

Ok, now a bit about my course. So, I'm studying English Literature and History, during first year there isn't a lot of choice but in second year the spectrum becomes incredibly wide and you can literally study any aspects of these subjects you'd like. I have to admit, it is often a struggle dividing my time between the two, as there is a hell of a lot of reading to do, and the difference from A Level is pretty big, they just expect so much more of you without actually saying, you're automatically expected to read most things on the reading lists, and there isn't as much guidance given for assessed essays. Towards the beginning of my course I really was contemplating swapping to just English Literature, but I'm glad I've stuck it out, as I know when there's more choice next year I'll enjoy it much more. They're both studious subjects, and I'm at a good university, so I guess it inevitably is bound to be hard work, but I'm still enjoying it a lot! I'm even going to Amsterdam this weekend with the English society, I can't wait!

No matter what you study, university is obviously going to be a lot of debt, but I do believe it really is worth it. I believe it teaches you imperative life skills, budgeting, time management, and chores specifically, but you also get to make some super cool new friends and try out new things by joining clubs and societies, as well as getting a degree at the end of it. My personal opinion is that having a degree is better than not having a degree, regardless of the debt, all the experiences that come along with it are just bonuses. People say their uni years were the best years of their lives, and I think mine will be too (cheesy). I do get homesick sometimes, when I see my family it seems to make it even worse, but I'm in a place not too far from home to visit if I ever do feel really sad.

So there you have it! My uni experiences so far. Obviously if you want to know anything else or there's something I missed out feel free to leave me a comment or even tweet me or ask fm me or anything! I am also planning on doing a university halls room/ flat tour at some point too if you'd like to see that :) hope I helped even one of you deciding on where to go to uni, or even whether to go. Leeds is a really cool place, and I believe one of the most highly student populated areas in the country (that must mean it's good). Thanks for reading!

Love from Harley


  1. Great post, sounds like your having an amazing time at uni

    1. thanks honey! im having an awesome time thank you :) xxxx