Friday, 21 November 2014


Duvet cover - Primark
Blankets - B&M Bargains and IKEA
Pillows - Primark
Headphones - Primark
Laundry basket - Primark

Tupperware - Wilkos
Make-up bags - Primark

Books and books and books, the joys of English.

My new make up storage:
Brushes and lipstick holders - IKEA
Acrylic container - IKEA
Mirror - Wilkos
Heart bowl - B&M Bargains
Rabbit ring holder - Home Bargains

Jewellery tray - IKEA

Accessory rack - Primark

Folder storage and box - IKEA

My pinboard:
'Friends' plaque - Gift
Photo collage - Gift
Love hearts - Random vintage shops
Fairy lights - My mum got them me...

Rug - IKEA
Desklamp - IKEA

So this is my university room in halls! I absolutely love it, it's even bigger than my room at home and there's a lot of room to do work. I'm really happy with how I've decorated it (can you tell I like pink?) and I think it feels really homely, I'm actually finding it pretty easy to keep it clean and tidy (easier than I found it at home anyway). I think my favourite part is probably my fairy lights, and I love my little desk lamp too, I rarely have the big light on and just read with my little lights on. A few people have said my room is the cutest, and I don't like to brag, but... yano... hahaha. Anyway, I hope you liked seeing my uni room and that it's maybe even given you some inspiration for your own!

Love from Harley


  1. I love it! Man, I am quite jealous, your room seems quite... roomy! My dorm room is much smaller (plus I'm in a shared one with my best friend) and our desks are nothing like yours. What I wouldn't do for more desk space and shelves. Very cutely decorated as well :)

    Peace and Love!

    1. thank you so much! its quite shocking considering I'm in the cheapest accommodation haha! thank you it took me a while to sort out properly! xxxxx