Friday, 2 January 2015

GOODBYE 2014, HELLO 2015

I'm a little late on the bandwagon with these year in review posts, but I just had to do one. I would honestly go as far as saying that 2014 has been the best year of my life, for a number of reasons. The beginning of the year wasn't that great, but Summer onwards has been AMAZING. Not only have I experienced some absolutely incredible things, I've made some amazing new friends, and grown so much as a person. I've worked super hard, and learnt so many new things, not only in an educational sense but also skills for life. Going to University and moving out is the main thing which has changed my year (the best decision I ever made) but I'm going to show you why my 2014 was so amazing, and also so I can look back on this in future and remember all my happy memories. Get a cup of tea, because I have a feeling it's going to be a long one.

Leaving college and A Level results:
I really enjoyed my two years at college, but I definitely felt ready to leave. Me and my friends had a lot of celebrations, and I feel like leaving was quite a big milestone in my little life so far. On a similar note, results day was a huge highlight of my year; a day I had been stressing and worrying about for months, the stress of university and clearing looming for so long. I was so glad when I found out I got A*AA, and that all of my hard work had finally paid off, I got into my dream university, the University of Leeds. For months I convinced myself I hadn't got in, my mum knew how disappointed I would be if I hadn't, but luckily I did! When I found out I'd got in I burst into tears, I've never felt so happy before in my life! I had a great time celebrating and it's something I will always remember and continue to be incredibly proud of.

In July I went on my first girls holiday with my best friends! I have to say, before going I wasn't sure how much I'd enjoy it, as in my head I thought I'd prefer a chilled holiday, just going out on the odd occasion. BUT I BLOODY LOVED IT. I thought Magaluf would be stereotypically 'chavvy', but it wasn't at all, I would even say it was one of the best weeks of my life. I had so much fun, we went to a foam party, silent disco, paint party, boat party, pool party, frat party - it was crazy. I made some really good friends there, and honestly just had such a good time. It was definitely a good way to celebrate finishing my A Levels!

Leeds Festival:
I'd been wanting to go to Leeds Festival for the past two years, and this year I finally managed to go! (Even though me and Hannah only bought our tickets two weeks before). We were really lucky with the weather, and although it was still pretty cold (at night) I enjoyed it so much! I went with a really cool group of people and had such a laugh with them all. I saw some really good artists, like Arctic Monkeys, Paramore (who I'd wanted to see live for YEARS), The Kooks, Clean Bandit, Vampire Weekend, Disclosure, SBTRKT, Metronomy, Jake Bugg, Sigma and Aluna George. I had so much fun, and would definitely go again; in fact I am planning on going again this year!

The biggest change in my life this year, and the best decision I ever made was going to University. Moving away was nerve racking as hell, and of course I miss my Mum and all of my friends from home, but I feel like I've grown so much as a person through going to uni, and I've made so many amazing new friends. Freshers was absolutely incredible, and I love all of my flat and block mates - we have such a laugh, I'm still so happy with all of it and so glad I went. Leeds is an amazing city, with a fabulous nightlife, and I'm enjoying every second; I can't wait to see what the next few years bring.

My 19th Birthday:
My first birthday away from home; I have to admit waking up by myself opening my presents without my mum there was kinda upsetting (growing up sucks right), but she rang me and I did see her the weekend before so it wasn't too bad. Everyone in my block came out that night to celebrate with me, and it was the best night out I've had in Leeds! I got free entry, guestlist for everyone, a free bottle of champagne, a VIP booth, and I met Stevie from MIC! I came home from Leeds that weekend to celebrate with my friends from home too and had such a good time seeing them all again as well as my family! I had the best birthday ever, everyone made it so special for me!

I got the opportunity to go to Amsterdam with the English society at uni in November, which was AMAZING. The 14 hour coach journey wasn't so amazing, and although we weren't there for very long I had so much fun. We saw the red light district, the Anne Frank museum (something I've always wanted to do), went to the sex museum and went out to pubs and clubs. I made some really good friends I wouldn't have made unless I went, and had such a laugh, I'm so glad I got the opportunity to visit, and I would recommend going to anyone!

This year is the year my blog has really become bigger. I attended my first blogger event with M&Co, received a Triangl bikini (!!!) and partook in collaborations with So...? With Attitude, Brantanno and! In 2015 I want to try and blog even more, try and stick to a schedule, and get involved in more blogger chats. I really want to start making Youtube videos too, but we'll see how that goes.

Aims and Resolutions for 2015:
- To lose weight and get healthier. I know everyone says this, but I really need to start making the most of my uni gym membership, especially if I want to be able to wear that Triangl bikini in summer!
- To be more organised with posts. I really want to blog even more in 2015, and post more outfit posts whilst at university to make my blog even better!
- To continue to work hard at uni whilst still having fun  - I know first year doesn't count but I still want to do well.
- To have fun, stop being so pessimistic and have a year as good as 2014!

I hope you all had an amazing New Years, thank you so much for reading my blog over the past year, I aim to get my posts even better during 2015!

Love from Harley


  1. Looks like you've had a busy year! Congrats on starting university - I'm doing my Masters now and still loving it! Also, Amsterdam?! You lucky thing! (Followed you on Bloglovin!)

    Jessica Marie | Miss Cobweb

    1. It was amazing thank you, hope your masters is going well! It was the best experience ever! Thank you so much for reading I'm definitely going to be checking yours out xxx