Friday, 2 January 2015


Hell to the YES. I finally got my hands on the much raved about Velvet Teddy by MAC. This is the colour everyone rushed to get as soon as Kylie Jenner lips came into fashion, and has been sold out in every single MAC store I've visited ever since. As you can imagine, as soon as this bad boy came back in stock online (and with free delivery too) I rushed to order it! I am so so so glad I did, it's quickly become my go-to lipstick. I think it would suit so many different skin tones, and I love the way it looks different on different people - on some people it comes up more orange, and on others more pink; my sister bought it at the same time as me and it looks so different on both of us. In the pictures below I paired the lipstick with Maybelline's Color Sensational Lipliner in Velvet Beige (get ready for selfie central, any excuse right?)

Of course I had to get my nails in the picture... They rarely look this good, and they matched! How could I not?

Roll Neck Jumper - New Look

I would 100% recommend this lipstick to anyone, it's so long lasting too, the matte finish is really on trend. If like me you've struggled to find it in stores, definitely have a look online! £15.50 is a bit steep for a lipstick I'll agree, but I rarely spend that much, and it's definitely an investment as I wear it pretty much all the time!

Love from Harley

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  1. This is beautiful! I don't actually own a MAC Lipstick but Velvet Teddy might sway me into making a purchase.
    ox Lucy