Wednesday, 14 January 2015

My 2014 beauty favourites

Here are my 2014 beauty favourites - sorry I'm a bit late to the party, but better late than never, right? First things first (I'm a realist) haha no really, this year was the year I stopped using face wipes to take off my make up! What a revelation for my skin. Micellar water is the best thing to happen to my face, I love using it with big cotton wool pads, it makes my skin feel so refreshed, you can't really beat it! I always use Garnier.

Next, I discovered Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish, which is SO good. Makes my skin feel absolutely amazing and gets rid of my spots in no time, I really want to invest in the proper version as this is just a sample. This year was also the year I bought Snow Fairy from LUSH, and it smells amazing, if you like sweet things then you'll absolutely love it. I bought the big version as soon as it came out again, and Mum got me this mini version for Christmas.

I bought the Naked 3 palette on Boxing Day of 2013, and have used it no end throughout 2014, it's definitely my favourite eyeshadow palette - and I own quite a few now. I think it's because I'm always wearing pink, so the pink-tones always go with everything, but I wear it practically all the time. I use it for everyday use, and also when I go out, it's so versatile and such a good purchase.

Next, foundation and concealer, and I bet you can already guess which I'm going to choose. Wake Me Up by Rimmel is the foundation I always find myself going back to repeatedly, I have tried new ones this year such as True Match and Match Perfection, but I used this for the majority which is why it's in my favourites. I really like it during the Spring months too as it's quite dewy so looks pretty when it gets warmer. Obviously Collection 2000's Lasting Perfection concealer made the cut - I go through tons of this stuff, couldn't live without it.

Brushes! I got the Real Techniques sponge for Christmas so not technically a 2014 favourite but it's my favourite one of the year so thought I'd include it. This other stippling brush which looks a lot like Real Techniques is actually only from Wilko's and is about £4! It's really good at applying foundation, they also have a few more in the collection at reasonable prices so I'd recommend checking them out!

Face products - I bought MAC's Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle earlier on in the year and I'm still so obsessed. I wear it every single day, I love it, I love the look it gives, definitely worth the money. Next is Warm Soul blush by MAC, I actually got this for a bit cheaper, but I love the finish of it, I'm pretty sure it would suit any skin tone. Next blusher is the Natural Collection blushers, this one's peach melba. So cheap, but such good pigmentation, such a good selection of colours as well!

Eyeliner - it has to be the Collection Fast Stroke liner. This is the one I've used throughout the year and repeatedly rebought - I just love the way it looks and it's so easy to apply.

Lipsticks - first up, MAC's Snob; my Mum bought this back for me from Las Vegas in Summer and I wore it SO much. It's such a lovely blue toned pink which again, I think would suit so many skintones, I absolutely love it. Next is MAC's Velvet Teddy, which I have only purchased recently but is one of my absolute favourites.

Lipliners - the colorsensational lipliners by Maybelline. So creamy, and so easy to apply, as you can see I've used my velvet beige one no end as it gives off the perfect Kylie Jenner lip, I recently bought the burgundy one but it's just as good!

Two more lipsticks, these are my classic Kylie Jenner lips (it's been my favourite look throughout 2014 sorry I've mentioned it twice). My friend got me the Chanel one for my 19th birthday, and although it doesn't look much different to the KIKO one, they really are, although I guess the KIKO one is a good dupe!. I've worn them both so much and absolutely love them!

So there you have it! My 2014 beauty favourites, do let me know what you've been loving or if we've been loving any of the same items, I love reading these kinds of posts! Thanks for reading.

Love from Harley

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