Sunday, 26 July 2015

A little update...

Hello dolls! Long time no speak, and I don't really have much excuse for my lack of blogposts, except bad organisation. But I'm back now, and thought I'd let you know what I've been up to over the past few weeks.

I finished my first year at university! It's been the best year ever, I've made the best friends and had such an amazing time. I also moved into my new house, and can't wait to start living there properly in September. I also found out that I passed first year with a 2:1 overall which I was pretty happy about!

The main thing I have to tell you is that I went inter-railing for three weeks! That's where this picture was taken, I went with my friend Grace from university and we visited Berlin, Munich, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Ljubljana and Venice. I had such a lovely time, but I'm planning on doing a whole blogpost on that with photos, as well as a YouTube video about my experience so let me know if you have any questions at all!

At the moment I'm in Newcastle visiting Grace again, and it's really lovely here. Apart from that, I haven't been doing that much except catching up with friends, and working a bit as well. I have the rest of summer off now before going back to university so I'm definitely going to get back on it with my posts!

There is one more thing I have to tell you, and it is that I'm going to London on the 3rd of August for 3 days in collaboration with Unite Students!!! I'll tell you more about it once I've actually been as I'll be writing more blogposts about it, but basically myself and 11 other bloggers are partaking in a '24 hour challenge' throughout London! I'm so excited to go to London and explore as I haven't been in a while, and obviously I can't wait to meet lots of other bloggers and vloggers! It's going to be so much fun, so make sure you're following me on all my social media to keep up with what I'll be up to!

Thank you so much for bearing with me while I sort myself out in terms of blogging, do let me know if there's anything you'd like to see from me, but I can promise that my posts will be much more regular from now!

Love from Harley 

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