Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Last month, my friend Grace and I went inter-railing through Eastern Europe from the 17th of June until the 3rd of July. I thought I would tell you about what we did, in case some of you are interested, and also so I can look back on this in future and remember. We had such an amazing time, and I would have loved to have stayed even longer. In the time we were there we visited Berlin, Munich, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Ljubljana and Venice. In this post I'll be talking about our experiences in Berlin, Munich and Prague.


We flew from East Midlands Airport to Berlin quite early (our flight only cost us £30!) and arrived at about 9am. We were staying in a hostel called 'Baxpax', which was really nice, and I would definitely recommend! On the first day we did all the tourist attractions, we visited the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstagg, and the Berliner Dom. We also visited the Berlin Wall museum, and saw an untouched part of the wall. I found the museum and the wall really fascinating as I've studied the Berlin Wall in depth before in history, so it was weird to actually see it in real life. Then we walked to Mauer park and went on the huge swings which overlook the park, which was really fun. On the second day we went up the Berliner Dom, and explored Alexanderplatz which is the main square, then went out for dinner in a lovely restaurant called 'Solino'. On the third day we went on a Sandeman free walking tour (if you're going inter-railing and do one thing, go on one of their walking tours, they have them in a lot of places and I could not recommend them enough!) The woman told us lots of interesting things I didn't know before, about Hitler's death and facts about Berlin (like the Hotel Adlon opposite the Brandenburg Gate is the most expensive one, and also the one where Michael Jackson held his child over the balcony!) On the tour we saw the Holocaust memorial, and also Checkpoint Charlie, as well as many other things, it was really good - at the end you tip how much you thought it was worth. 


After three nights in Berlin, we got the train to Munich, which took about 6 hours. In Munich, we stayed in a place called 'The Tent', which was effectively a huge gazebo with about 50 bunkbeds underneath it. The place has a bar (with really nice beer), a campfire, and sometimes a BBQ (try the cheese sausage), and it was really nice and social, we made a lot of friends there, especially Americans; I would definitely recommend staying there if you're ever in Munich. We were only there for two days, so on our only full day there we explored the town centre, we visited an authentic German pub and tried proper beer (which I never normally like but German beer is different, I actually liked it!) We didn't do much else there, just chilled in the campsite that evening making more friends.


The train from Munich to Prague also took about six hours, in Prague we stayed in a hostel called Arpacay, and I know I've recommended the other hostels we stayed in but this one was hands down the best one we stayed in the entire trip. It was about £15 each for three nights, in a really good location, and they gave us fresh towels (!!!) oh and did I mention that the beer they sell is 70p?!?! Anyway, as soon as we arrived we made friends with six girls staying in our room, and ended up going on a bar crawl with them that night. We hadn't been out properly yet since being away, and Grace got ridiculously drunk... It was really funny though! On the second day we were pretty hungover, but we visited the castle which was right near our hostel, and had absolutely incredible views. On the third day we went on another Sandeman walking tour, which was really good again, however that one did last a long time. We also bought a Czech cinnamon pastry which had chocolate on (if you visit you'll see places making them everywhere, SO good). We met two girls we made friends with in Munich for dinner, and then we found an island next to the Charles Bridge which gave us an amazing view of the bridge all lit up - that's where the last picture of Grace and I was taken. 

I had such an amazing time in all three places, but especially loved Prague, it's such a lovely city and SO cheap (beer costs 70p in the majority of places), I will definitely be revisiting. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading, sorry that this got quite long, do let me know if you have any questions at all :) My next blogpost about inter-railing will cover the rest of the places we visited; Budapest, Vienna, Ljubljana and Venice, so make sure you look out for that!

Love from Harley

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