Tuesday, 5 January 2016


Those of you who are old readers of my blog may remember I did a similar '2014 in review' post this time last year (if you do remember that, thanks for sticking around!) 2015 has been such an amazing year for me, so I thought I'd do another one, not only for you guys but also for myself to look back on in future and remember the amazing things I did and achieved. 

I finished first year!

I've said this before, but first year was definitely the best year ever. It was a struggle to adjust to doing my own cooking, cleaning, washing, as well as studying, but I enjoyed it so much. I have so many amazing memories from that year of going out to new places, and exploring Leeds in general, and I managed to finish the year with a 2:1! (Which I don't think is too bad, considering I went out... a lot...)

Parklife Festival

I went to Parklife! I'd never been to a festival before which only took place in the daytime, so it was a good experience. There were so many amazing acts we saw, including Disclosure who I saw for the second time (they definitely did not disappoint). The weather was amazing for both days, and I just really loved the vibe there. I actually dyed my hair pink temporarily for it, and I absolutely loved it!! (If you know me, you know I'm absolutely pink obsessed). I went with some of my absolute best friends, and I had the best time ever, I definitely want to go again this year.

Inter-railing through Europe

I did begin to explain this in a blogpost (a series which I didn't end up finishing, I'm sorry, I'm sure I'll get round to it at some point) but I went inter-railing through Europe this summer. It was the best experience, ever, and something I've wanted to do for such a long time. My friend Grace and I booked it pretty last minute, and we visited Berlin, Munich, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Ljubljana and Venice. My personal highlights were Budapest, Venice and Prague, but I loved every place we visited. We went for about three weeks, the weather stayed pretty good for us while we were there, and we made so many memories I'll never forget. The only downside was the fact that I got tonsillitis on the last day of Budapest, and our only day in Vienna was spent running up and down hills to find a hospital, and then to get my prescription (thanks, Grace). We met so many new people as we travelled around, and had so much fun, I would definitely recommend doing a similar trip to anyone!

Unite Students 24 Hour Challenge

You might remember be telling you I was chosen by Unite to participate in their 24 hour challenge, where we basically had to run around London in 24 hours, finding niche and unheard of things to do for students. There was a lot of preparation for it, we stayed for three days in Unite's Stratford One accommodation, and they kept us so full up with food (it was amazing). I was part of the dream team (the best team of course) but I made such good friends with every other person who was chosen, and I honestly enjoyed it so much. We found so many amazing things to do, and I enjoyed exploring London as I've never had a chance to do that properly before. If you want to see what we got up to then here is the link to the official London Student Guide:

Starting second year

My year from August has gone pretty quickly to be honest, as I said I've started second year which is pretty hectic as the work-load is so much heavier. I am enjoying it, and living in a house is much better than student accommodation, it just means I'm struggling a bit more with managing my time. I also got a new job in September at Coast as some of you may have seen, which I'm really enjoying so far.

This year I didn't manage to achieve all of my resolutions, BUT I did actually set up a YouTube channel like I'd hoped to!!! This is something I've wanted to do for so so long, and I'm so happy I finally did! This year I want to upload even more content (after buying a new camera), so hopefully you'll be seeing even more from me. I want to try and be a bit healthier again this year (who doesn't?) But apart from that, I want to work super hard throughout the rest of second year and have an amazing time with my friends.

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Year, thanks so much for reading!

Love from Harley

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