Monday, 5 September 2016


I feel like everybody is going to Barcelona at the moment, and after visiting, I can really see why. It's definitely one of my favourite cities, the city itself is so beautiful and full of amazing architecture, and the fact that there's a beach right next to it as well is a winner in my book. I visited Barcelona at the end of June/beginning of July for five days with my friends from university, and we had the most amazing time! Carry on reading to see what we got up to.

Every street and alleyway looked like this, it reminded me of Venice!

On our first day we just had a wander around the city to get our bearings, we explored Las Ramblas and found a nice place to eat. On the second day we went to Parc de la Ciutedella, where we all got a boat and also had a picnic. There's nothing better when the weather's lovely, the park was really cute and it didn't cost much to hire a boat so I would definitely recommend it!

Dress - Topshop
Sandals - Primark

We stayed in a hostel called 'Generator Hostel', which was really close to the centre and was also a really good price. When we arrived it turned out we had booked a room for four people instead of five, but they managed to move us all into the same room (and it even meant that we got a balcony as well, perfect for photo opportunities!) One night we went on a night out that the hostel organised which ended up being hilarious, and they organise other events too.

Although Barcelona has it's own beach, I would recommend travelling a little bit further outside the centre to find a quieter one as Barcelona's gets incredibly busy. We did this on one of the days, which turned into a fun adventure where we nearly got the wrong train. It also meant we got to explore another town close to the centre!

We also visited Parc Guell on one of the hottest days we were there (there were lots of stairs, it nearly killed me). We joined the queue only to be told there was a 3 hour waiting time, and we couldn't stay as we had already paid to see the Sagrada Familia later on. Although we didn't get to see Gaudi's structures, we did get to see the house he lived in (I'm posing in front of it because it's basically my dream house). If you're planning on going to Parc Guell then definitely book online in advance!

Later on we visited the Sagrada Familia, which is a definite must if you go to Barcelona. (We actually booked it in advance as well, which I recommend as otherwise the waiting time is really long). The architecture is just magnificent, and the intricate detail on the inside is even more incredible. We went in the late afternoon so the sun was shining through the stained glass windows, it looked amazing. 

On our last day in the gorgeous city we visited Montjuic. We got a cable car up (which was quite expensive, but it offered some amazing views). There's a palace, and lots of fountains and stairs leading up to it (we took a lot of photos here as it was our last day). A bit further up from here there was a park where we sat and had a picnic (again, this seems to be a bit of a running theme...) I really liked it there, it had beautiful views and amazing photo opportunities, so in my eyes you can't really go wrong!

We had such an amazing time in Barcelona, and we stayed for just the right amount of time to do everything that we wanted to do. It's such a beautiful city, full of such amazing architecture and I'm sure I'll definitely return, even if that's just for the tapas, gelato and sangria...

Thanks for reading!
Love from Harley


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