Thursday, 15 November 2018

Starting A New Chapter

Since I started this blog six years ago, my posts have always ranged in frequency. I've gone through stages of posting a lot, and then not posting again for a while...

But over the past few years, I seem to have lost my sense of direction in a way. I've become distracted by university, full time work, and travelling, and I've become a bit disillusioned with the blogging world. 

This blog has followed my experiences through all of those, but not as frequently as I would have liked.

Whenever there has been a gap between my posts, there's always that niggling voice in the back of my head. Doubting my ability, asking if anyone's even interested, slowing me down from posting again.

I'm writing this post because I've overcome that voice, and I'm ready to be back writing content consistently again. 

But, I've also realised that to fully enjoy writing and sharing posts with you all - I need to write the sort of content that I enjoy reading.

Coat - Old Topshop, similar here
Trousers - Nasty Gal
Trainers - Primark
Bag - eBay

I really do love the blogging community, but I've found myself reading blogs less and less.

It's become so easy to find out where a person's outfit is from through Instagram - you can even click direct links through their 21 Buttons.

I don't really go on blogger's websites anymore to read the details of their outfit when I've already seen it posted all over their Instagram. By the time the blog post is published, the dress is normally out of stock anyway.

The only posts I actively read these days are the lifestyle or advice posts that are relatable and personal and gritty and specific to that person.

The posts where I really feel like I've got a sense of that person and a feel for their life, not through their outfit photos but through their writing style, their choices of language, their humour and the jokes they convey.

And I come away from the post feeling like I've learnt something, either smiling or with a tear in my eye.

So, I'm taking a change of direction.

You can still expect to see some outfit posts from me of course, because fashion is and always will be my biggest passion, but I'm going to dig deeper. 

Forget about the new clothes I've bought this week, I want to get up close and personal and give advice from my experiences the only way I know how - through this platform that I've been building for six years.

I hope you're as excited as I am.

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